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Wear the change: how to be a mindful consumer

June 8, 2017

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Want to learn how to be a greener, more mindful consumer and human being? Join me at Wear the Change! It’s a 9-day online conference featuring over 20 change makers chatting about how to slow down and deepen our awareness to boost the impact we have on the world around us. It features one-on-one interviews with all kinds of peeps,  from filmmakers to organic farmers, yogis to artisans – and, yep, me. We deep dive into all sorts of topics, including sustainable fashion, holistic health, spirituality and beauty and leave you with lots of actionable steps. I asked founder/designer Cassandra  Ciarallo to tell us a little more about Wear the Change.

What inspired you to launch this online conference? 

CC: In early 2015, I launched my own sustainable fashion company, Chic Made Consciously. I travelled to Bali, Indonesia and connected with some wonderfully talented artisans who were creating a line of accessories from repurposing tire inner tubes. I thought their work was incredibly ingenious, taking what would otherwise be trash on their island and giving it a second life. And truly, their intricately hand cut products were so eye catching and fashionable that they looked far from old tires! From there, a beautiful partnership emerged and I began distributing these products in Toronto and sharing their wearable art all across North America. This was the beginning of my own journey to become a more sustainably minded consumer.

Starting this business changed my entire life. As I began to learn more and more about the destructive fashion industry, I became incredibly overwhelmed by the big issues. The fast fashion industry is the second largest world polluter after oil (EcoWatch, 2015), and the average garment worker typically earns 1-3% of the retail price of clothing (Labour Behind the Label, 2015). Slowly, I started to analyze my purchases and asked myself whether what I was buying reflected what I believed in. Over time I began to shift my mindset and the way I consumed to be more reflective of sustaining our planet and ensuring people were treated and paid fairly for their work.

The shift in me was the real inspiration for this online conference. I believe that the seed to growing a population of eco-minded individuals begins with awareness! And, from there we can start to build on a foundation of progress and align our consumption habits and ourselves with what we truly believe in!

You’ve spoken with 20+ experts, what are some of the lessons that people will learn?

CC: There is so much great content in each interview, that I am so excited to share this information! A couple huge take-a-ways are:

  • Progress not perfection! When we look at the big picture, it can definitely be overwhelming. But, when we slow down and take action one step at a time, we are slowly and progressively shifting towards a more sustainable future. Key tips are given at the end of each interview on how to take these slow, mindful steps J
  • Educate yourself. Education gives you the tools to help you make better decisions that align with what you believe in. Ensure you are making investments to taking positive action for our planet and people!
  • Get involved! Use your voice to make sure others know this information too and let companies know how you feel!
  • Make sure to tune in and watch the videos for some more amazing lessons.=

What do you think is the key to people changing for the better?

CC:I believe it’s knowing that we all really DO make a difference. Learning from so many speakers left me feeling empowered, as they shared tips to how we can each contribute and make this world a better place. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and I think that is what people get hung up on. Does doing our part even matter? YES! It does. And when you actually put things into practice, you can feel good contributing to the bigger picture in a positive way. And, it’s incredibly motivating! We have such power to choose each day, in every decision we make and who we give our money to. I learnt so much from each speaker and they all left me feeling so inspired knowing that doing your part, yes even just you, does have an impact on this planet. And collectively we can make even bigger change!

Tune in at By the way, all the content – including the upcoming feature interview with yours truly – is free for 48 hours after it goes live. My interview goes live June 12th!