Big Issues

Blackout issue: alt power guide, tales of a dark night & more

July 30, 2013

NMFSC_025_0718Summertime and I’m totally behind on blogging! Just wanted to catch you guys up before I head out of town again for a couple days….Here’s a column I did post-Toronto floods, including my own reflections on being holed up without power and water on the 15th floor with my father (who now depends on a wheelchair). Thought it was only fitting the product guide that week be on gadgets that keep you fired up without plugging in. I also wrote up a Greenwash of the Week that I happened to spot in my mom’s shower – sorry, mom, you weren’t the only one duped by Organix hair products! Plus Nature Notes on Kellogg’s dirty palm dealings & news on Lac Megantic. Here’s a link to it all.