Doin’ the frown dance on The Marilyn Denis Show

May 10, 2012

Actually, I was talkin’ head to toe bodycare detox. Okay so we ran out of time before we got to the toe part (namely nail polish), we did cram a heck of a lot of good info into one segment, if I do say so myself!  If you’re wondering why I’m doing the monster dance, I’m actually demonstrating how I create — and try to counteract– my frown lines. Watch and learn, people. For those who missed it, there are Frownies taped to my head. Yes, Hollywood’s original pre-botox treatment. No toxic creams or botulism injections necessary. Marilyn told me Shelly Winters first told her about Frownies. Anyway, for those of you wondering which are the bad ingredients I mentioned on the show, the quickest way to track ’em down and to avoid them when shopping is to bookmark or print off my downloadable Mean 15 list of ingredients to avoid. To see some of my top picks for high end and budget eco options, you’ll just have to watch the segment! Or pick up a copy of Ecoholic Body, naturally.