Take It Up For Earth Day! Detox Your Personal Care Routine

April 20, 2012

Hey gang, I’ve joined forces with Earth Day Canada to encourage YOU to Take It Up for Earth Day 2012. This April, make change a habit and pledge to detox your personal care routine! And remember, if you’re trying to keep track of which are the big baddy ingredients to avoid and which are the good third party seals to look for, click on my printable wallet-sized Mean 15. And for those of you who’ve already greened most of your routine, time to fess up to which not-to-green products you’re still sneaking and make the switch! If you’re wondering, which products really work, well, that’s where Ecoholic Body comes in. What are some of your fave all natural products that really perform, be it shampoo, shaving cream, deodorant or DIY recipes?