How do I mix some green education into March break?

March 8, 2012

the-lorax-pic091While kids are pumped about revelling in a week of freedom, parents everywhere are poised to pull out their hair trying to keep their offspring occupied. You could park them in front of a stack of video games, but what if you want their time off to be a bit more environmentally enlightening?

A lot of parents, inadvertently or not, will be starting off the week with some inspirational green messaging by taking their kids to see The Lorax. Now, I wouldn’t usually direct you to a dark movie theatre, but kids will totally soak up the save-the-trees subtext. Just make sure to steer them away from the onslaught of corporate endorsements that surely have Dr. Seuss turning in his grave (sign the pledge to shun the film’s many cross-promotions at Read more…