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Lice, lice, baby. Busting lice naturally.

December 16, 2013

Got something crawling on your scalp and it ain’t just a bad feeling? Well, have no fear Ecoholic is here with a breakdown of all your options, both toxic and non…and yes, you can get a grip on the situation without resorting to nasty pesticides banned from lawns but allowed on heads. Plus you’ll get a… ReadPreviousNext Post


Grow-your-own student lunches

September 4, 2013

It’s week three of our collaboration with the #betterbacktoschool brigade and David Suzuki Foundation’s Queen of Green. This week’s brigade theme is detoxing schools, so I interviewed one of the leading Canadian organizations working to get a major form of toxins – junk food – out of school cafeterias and student lunches. They’re also bringing… ReadPreviousNext Post


What’s hiding in your wipes?

March 20, 2013

  To wipe or not to wipe I know, I know, wipes are seriously convenient when you’re on the go, but you probably know it’s definitely more sustainable to go the reusable cloth/wipe/rag route. You wipe junkies will have my head if I tell you to axe them from your life permanently, but can we… ReadPreviousNext Post