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Get on the bus, Gus! World environment week: A how-to

June 7, 2012

This year’s World Environment Day/Week is all about green economies. How are you supposed to get involved? Let me count the ways! But first, just a reminder that the feds are currently stomping on the planet more than ever, trying to shove an omnibus budget bill C-38 through that pummels environmental assessments, slashes oceans and fisheries protections and much more. To get the low-down on this as well as the scoop on how to help affect change this week and beyond, please read this week’s extra important Ecoholic column!

Now, this is the UN Environment Programme’s big week and this is how they say you can help green the economy: 

You can help green our buildings! How?

  • Get a home or business energy audit to reduce your building’s climate footprint and save money/energy
  • Shop around for low-impact home improvements or landscaping
  • Support a resource-efficient Green Economy by taking charge of the buildings in your life.

You can help green our fisheries! How?

  • By choosing sustainably harvested seafood, you send a message to producers that you support a Green Economy for fisheries.
  • Look for Ocean Wise-approved and Seachoice-approved fish!

You can help green our transport! How?

  • Driving alone is lonely! Carpool or better yet, take public transport
  • Walking or riding a bike for short trips is good for your health – and the environment’s, too!
  • When you choose alternative transportation methods, you support a Green Economy in the transport sector.

You can help green our Water System! How?

  • Turn off the tap when you’re not using it, wait until you have a full load to run your laundry or dishwasher, limit shower time, and don’t water your lawn right after a rain.
  • Resource efficiency is key to a Green Economy and water is one of our most important resources.
You can green our Agriculture? How?
  • support sustainable agriculture by growing your own veggies, eating in season, shopping local farmers markets – you’ll send a message to producers that you support a Green Economy for agriculture.
You can help green our Energy Supply? How?
  • You can support the development of clean, renewable energy by choosing businesses and products that invest in them – or by investing in them yourself!
  •  Turn off lights and unplug appliances when you aren’t using them. Don’t heat or cool your house when no one’s home.
You can help green Manufacturing and Industry? How?
  • Be a wise consumer – support businesses that have sustainability plans, use ecolabels, and invest in renewable energy.
  • Greenwashing is everywhere!  Do your homework and ask questions and look for genuinely green businesses.
  • When you choose a sustainable business over a ‘business-as-usual,’ you send the message that it’s time for industry and manufacturing to transition to a Green Economy. GreenUp!
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