Are your pals tuning you out? How to get loved ones to go green

April 19, 2012

Ever tried to persuade your boyfriend/wife/roommate/parents/children/colleagues/friends to stop using a product you think is toxic but they just don’t seem to listen? Last thing you want to do is get all preachy. Check out my latest Ecoholic column in NOW with tips on encouraging those around you try more natural products this Earth Day/Month. My mom will tell you nagging only works on people that are forced to love you, like your parents. My poor parents weren’t green at all growing up but then somehow had four kids that became vegetarian/alternative health nut/environmentalists! We regularly harassed them to turn the lights off, try greener cleaners, try switching to natural personal care products and natural health supplements and eventually they did. My wonderful mom cracked me up this week when she told me matter of factly, in her French Canadian accent, “Tell your readers that nagging parents works. We changed our ways because we wanted you to stop nagging us,” then added, “and because we wanted you to be proud of us.” Love you, mom. Of course, she’s no slouch in the motivational department. This is also the woman who always told me when I was a teen that you CAN change the world just by changing your little corner of it and if everybody works on their little corners we have a better world to call home. I still spread that message far and wide when I give speeches.

For tips on greening all those people who nagging doesn’t work on (you know, the majority of your world), check out this week’s column!