Ride, Sally, Ride: Bike-friendly bags…just in time for spring!

April 5, 2014

Noujica 3

As a good Canadian girl, I do love the sight of big, fluffy snow flakes but please, god, let me not see another flake again for at least 7-8 months! Now that spring is officially here it’s time to dust off your bikes, if you haven’t already. It’s the perfect Goldy Locks time to ride, really. Not too hot, not cold, just right. For NOW’s Bike Issue I did a guide to messenger-style bags (see below) but you don’t have to stick to that cut alone. Super stylin’ backpacks and cross-body purses are also perfectly suited to zippin’ around town on two wheels. I’m including a few of my favourites that didn’t make it into the column here.

Right now, I’m crushing on two Montreal-born bag makers. One, Noujica: her latest collection of bags made of hemp canvas, vegetable-tanned leather and reclaimed suede are  super bike-friendly. Even if you don’t go for the backpack (above), she’s got lots of long cross straps to fling on and ride. Too bad they’re not available on Noujica’s Etsy store so you’ll have to track down their retailer list or just call and ask for a special order. Another fab Montrealer, Rachel F is a lot easier to order online and offers a killer collection of bags this season. They’re made with a combo of recycled or veggie-dyed leather and canvas. Now the canvas isn’t organic but it is woven at a 200-on year old sweatshop-free American factory, which is pretty cool. It’s not waxed or treated with petrochemicals – its weave make it naturally water repellent. Perfect for your ride to work, the grocery store or just out meeting friends.

Rachel F trio

Really, there are a ton of amazing bag designers these days working with all sorts of planetarily conscious materials. Yes, they cost more than run of the mill bags made in sweatshops overseas but they’re super well-constructed and guilt-free. Plus they’ll get you where you need to go without making you look like a pro bike courier – not that there’s anything wrong with that.  And without further ado, ladies and gents….the official Ecoholic bike bag guide….Double click on the image below to get the version that appeared in print or click here for the easy to read web-version.