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Is your “nontoxic” dry cleaner lying to you? A new scorecard slams most “green” cleaners as “greenwash.”

June 11, 2015

With all the “organic,” “eco-friendly” and “nontoxic” claims hanging in dry cleaner windows you’d think you were taking your dress shirt to Whole Foods to have it laundered with baking soda and organic corn starch. Alas, that ain’t the case. A new scorecord from not-for-profit Toronto Environmental Alliance ranks all sorts of dry cleaning chemicals and let… ReadPreviousNext Post


Twice as nice: more ethical mother’s day gifts

May 7, 2015

It’s almost Mother’s Day and, like the rest of the continent, you’re scrambling to figure out a way to let your mom know that she’s pretty awesome. Forget the same old, same old (sweatshop chocolate, toxically-scented creams and perfumes, pesticide-laced flowers that wilt within days). This week’s Ecoholic guide to Mother’s day gifts features nothing but gifts that give… ReadPreviousNext Post


Fashion revolution day: who made your clothes?

April 24, 2015

Today is Fashion Revolution Day. It’s also the second anniversary of the fatal factory collapse that killed over 1100 garment workers in Bangladesh. Fashion Revolution Day commemorates the event by requesting we flip our clothes inside out and asking “who made my clothes?” Really, it’s a question we should ask every time we go shopping, but having… ReadPreviousNext Post


Sweaters and the new green economy

December 16, 2013

Hey peeps, this is prime example of a week that blends and stirs together different living, breathing elements of sustainability in action. You’ll find my guide to greener sweaters, made lovingly, without sweatshop labour and with greener, more sustainable fibres. You’ll also find my Q&A with a prominent thinker on the new green economy –… ReadPreviousNext Post