If the shoe fits: sandal guide, sunscreen screamer & more

June 11, 2013


Now that summer’s officially creeping up on us, I need new sandals in a hurry. I can’t be rockin’ boots in July and the Grecian strappies I got on my “back to the roots” family tour in Greece last year are mostly a pain in the butt – or the arch. So which sandals to choose? The Ecoholic sandal guide in NOW gives you a taste of some of greenest to meanest options for your feet. Plastic sandals in the gym shower are one thing, but don’t make a habit of wearing plastic all summer long. Why? Read my 2011 column “Are Plastic Sandals Leaching Chemicals into My Feet?

I cover four brand options in my sandal guide (Tom’s Earthwise collection, by the way, was supposed to get a 3/5), but thought I’d share a couple more options. There are tons of ethical flip flops, heeled sandals and more available in the US (like Nisolo, Musewear, Sseko, Cri de Coeur) but don’t worry, you can track some down in Canada too (besides the ones I mention in my column). Cruise online sites like Chartreuse Style or Not Just Pretty. Scan for a local retailer near you carrying, say, Groundhog’s summer selection. Walking on a Cloud stores will carry Think! (sort of a funkier, more feminine eco version of Birks, with supportive cork soles) as well as El Naturalista shoes (BTW, you should definitely scope out El Nats online sale – everything $50!).

MohopsMohop’s sassy customizable sandals with interchangeable ribbons (above) give you like 50+ sandals in one and if you’re not near one of their Canadian retailers you can order some online without duty.  Okay, so they don’t have the foot-friendly support of Birks or Think- but they’re all sweatshop-free so you don’t have to stress about what you’re putting on your soles.

You can find my sandal guide and way more in the latest Ecoholic, including a full blow by blow of Health Canada’s upcoming new sunscreen regs (good news teaser: retinyl palmitate, on my Mean 15 list to avoid, will finally get warning label on sunscreens – though instead of banning it, sunscreens with RP and other peelers will come with a weird Saturday Night Live-style warnings to stay out of the sun for a good week after sun exposure! What?). Plus Greenwash of the Week, Northern Gateway news and, yes, more.