What not to wear.


Postcards from the Road: Nelson

June 5, 2012

  Criss-crossing the country promoting Ecoholic Body, I’ve gathered up a few postcards from the road. First up: beautiful Nelson, B.C. After stopping by Breakfast Television Edmonton and doing a book signing at the one-and-only Carbon Enviromental Boutique (also in eternally-sunny Edmonton) I headed for a little R’ n’ R in the Kootenay’s (which happens to be… ReadPreviousNext Post


Where can I find fair trade shoes?

March 15, 2012

If the shoe fits, do you buy it? I can tell you finding footwear to fit my size 11 requirements is no easy… well, you know. But tracking down ethically made shoes has thankfully gotten a little easier over the course of my years at Ecoholic – a major relief considering the newest sweatshop allegations… ReadPreviousNext Post