Take a hike! #exploreGTA Twitter Party

July 28, 2015

It’s amazing what the sight of a big old tree can do for the soul. I love the city but I get twitchy and cranky if there’s no green space in sight. Humans just weren’t built to live on pavement, so we can, unconsciously, get pretty edgy when we’re not getting enough contact with nature, even if… ReadPreviousNext Post


Rain or shine: my month long nature bootcamp

May 27, 2014

Can you believe May is almost coming to an end? Rain/shine/gloriously torrential downpours/surprise scorchers (is it really 28 degrees in Toronto today?) – I’ve soaked every bloomin’ day of it in. That was NOT that case in April when I was drained of all life force knocked over sideways with a crazy multi-tentacled flu virus… ReadPreviousNext Post


The rise of corporate mindfulness

April 20, 2014

Hey gang, My big piece on mindful corporations in Corporate Knights Magazine is out! Here’s a little teaser. SAN FRANCISCO – Executives from Google, Facebook and Instagram are all taking turns on a hotel conference room stage sharing business insights with an audience of 2,000. They’re not, as you might expect, clicking through slide shows about user… ReadPreviousNext Post


How green is that “eco” yoga mat really?

March 5, 2014

Spend a lot of time face time with your yoga mat? So many mats splash the words “eco” and “biodegradable” in their marketing but are they telling the truth? Long story short, too many eco mats claiming to be green are totally stretching their credibility (some puns can’t be avoided, sorry). It’s pretty astounding how many companies… ReadPreviousNext Post