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No fracking way: keep your furnace (and water) off dirty gas

March 27, 2013

How’d you get your eggs cooked this morning…or your shower nice and hot? Natural gas has always gotten a lot more respect on the green-front than other fossil fuels. We hear again and again that it burns cleaner, choking out less smoggy pollutants than say coal or conventional oil, so when we use it in our homes we don’t feel so guilty. We get 1 green thumb up for our natural gas furnaces (particularly if they’re high efficiency), natural gas-fired baths (especially if your system is tankless or high efficiency), even our our natural gas stoves (as a cook, I admit, I love mine). But I would feel a lot dirtier coming of that shower if that natural gas had been fracked, as it is in a growing number of provinces and states. I get into all the nitty gritty in the latest Ecoholic column on natural gas and fracking.

The ArtisCC Fracking petitionts Against Fracking video above is trying to keep fracking out of NY state but the message extends across state lines. Tell your provincial/state politicians not to frack with you – keep the hydraulic fracturing of natural gas out of our energy plans. Sign this Don’t Frack With Our Water Petition from the Council of Canadians.