Here Comes The Sun: Natural sunscreen reviews & more

June 4, 2013

3239NOW Ecoholic_038_0530Testing a bar of soap is one thing. Rub, rinse, you’re done. Testing sunscreen, on the other hand, is a much more weirdly communal affair. I usually accost friends and family of all skin tones and hairiness levels to rub various thick white creams into a good dozen quadrants on their bodies. But for the latest NOW Test Lab on sunscreens, I was short on time and bodies, which meant I had to accost strangers at my local health store, Big Carrot, into product testing.  I asked random men to role up their pant legs and rub sunscreen samples into their hair (the hair clumping test). I asked shoppers, light and dark, to rub/mist sunscreen onto body parts.

On top of this latest Ecoholic column in NOW, I’ve reviewed over two dozen body and facial sunscreens in Ecoholic Body, added a few more new ones and updates in last summer’s blog on sunscreens here and now I’ve got a couple more updates. New reformulated Badger Daily  sunscreen is much better than it used to be (used to be like applying white tar to your skin).  BUT it’s still not great for dark skin or hairy guys, especially their water resistant formula.

For those of you insistent that you want higher SPF than 30, well, the pickings are slim on the natural side but there are a couple. Mexitan 50 is SUPER whitening unless you’re alabaster white. You’re better off with Livestrong Think 50+, which rubbed in without whitening, at least on moderately tanned skin and men’s hair.

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