Video: Got Wrap Rage? Nominate packaging villains!

June 11, 2013

Packaging AttackEver feel like you need a blowtorch and a hacksaw to break into a product you bought? Would your child need to wire cutters and a pick axe to access their new toy? Are you frustrated that that tiny little thing you bought comes in all that packaging? CBC Marketplace is taking nominations for their Wrap Rage Awards and they want YOU to call out specific brands that are driving you batty. This is your chance to shame over-packagers so please, get specific and name the brand and product. Just post your nomination in the comment section below (so easy!) or go to CBC Marketplace’s Wrap Rage and share your thoughts there or even submit a video of your own if you like. Here’s my own little video on Wrap Rage….PS Please share this post with friends.

Wrap Rage Awards from Adria Vasil on Vimeo.