Big Issues

The biggies: climate change, pollution, deforestation, endangered species and more.

Big Issues

Is that asbestos in your reno dust?

April 5, 2014

It’s National Asbestos Awareness Week. Do you know where your asbestos is? Canada’s asbestos mines may finally be shuttered, but people are still finding the cancerous fibres tucked into all sorts of hidden corners of their homes. If your house was built before the 1980s/90s, it could contain asbestos in a dizzying number of spots. All fine… ReadPreviousNext Post

Big Issues

Tzeporah Berman on Petropolitics

December 16, 2013

I got to have dinner with Canadian activist extraordinaire Tzeporah Berman when I was hosting Earth Day’s Beyond Green Youth Summit that she was speaking at. I have to say I love this woman. She’s a power house for change and the new green economy. (I definitely recommend putting her bio “This Crazy Time” on… ReadPreviousNext Post


Sweaters and the new green economy

December 16, 2013

Hey peeps, this is prime example of a week that blends and stirs together different living, breathing elements of sustainability in action. You’ll find my guide to greener sweaters, made lovingly, without sweatshop labour and with greener, more sustainable fibres. You’ll also find my Q&A with a prominent thinker on the new green economy –… ReadPreviousNext Post

Big Issues is blacking out to speak out

June 3, 2012

Hey ecoholics, is going black all of June 4 to speak out in support of two things that makes us truly Canadian – nature and democracy. The feds are axing our Canadian Environmental  Assessment Act and replacing it with a watered down version that speeds up assessments of mega projects. As well they’re sawing off… ReadPreviousNext Post