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Which Green Beauty Seals Should You Trust?

October 9, 2013

Ever wonder what all those seals on health store shampoos and lotions really mean? In honour of national organic week, I offer up a guide to five organic bodycare seals. And news flash, some changes have just hit the USDA organic seal. This one’s long considered tops for bodycare since, unlike other seals, it’s only… ReadPreviousNext Post


Natural vs green: what does it really mean?

April 5, 2013

After a lunch time talk I gave at Edmonton’s city hall last month, one woman approached me and asked me if I could spend more time talking about the difference between green/eco-friendly and natural. The terms, she said, were too often used interchangeably, and she’s right. We tend to flip back and forth between the… ReadPreviousNext Post


What’s hiding in your wipes?

March 20, 2013

  To wipe or not to wipe I know, I know, wipes are seriously convenient when you’re on the go, but you probably know it’s definitely more sustainable to go the reusable cloth/wipe/rag route. You wipe junkies will have my head if I tell you to axe them from your life permanently, but can we… ReadPreviousNext Post


Lashing out at faked mascara ads

February 22, 2013

Can someone tell me, when did mascara companies start promising Betty Boop lashes with every stroke? Makeup ads have always pushed jumbo lashes, true, but sometime over the last few years, we’ve started seeing eyelashes on steroids. Like if your lashes don’t look as though they were sliced off the back of a glossy mink… ReadPreviousNext Post


EcoholicTV: Dry Skin SOS

January 29, 2013

Ecoholic TV: Dry Skin SOS from Adria Vasil on Vimeo. Ecoholic TV is back! Yep, we’re here with more Ecoholic Health Corner and this time I run to my old friend and naturopath Alexandra (aka Alex) Triendl for some extra help tackling winter’s dry skin curse. Got eczema? Psoriasis? Or just plain dry skin? Tune… ReadPreviousNext Post