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Add some soul to your season: gifts with extra karmic oomph

December 7, 2012

This time of year tends to bring out a lot of people’s inner grinches. We start grumbling about Christmas carols/crowded malls/commercialism/in-laws/family fueds/the weather, you name it.  I’m guilty of a little under-the-breath cursing myself (mostly about sweatshop goods and cold winds; I do love a good Bing Crosby carol though, sorry). True, the holidays may… ReadPreviousNext Post


Postcards from the Road: Nelson

June 5, 2012

  Criss-crossing the country promoting Ecoholic Body, I’ve gathered up a few postcards from the road. First up: beautiful Nelson, B.C. After stopping by Breakfast Television Edmonton and doing a book signing at the one-and-only Carbon Enviromental Boutique (also in eternally-sunny Edmonton) I headed for a little R’ n’ R in the Kootenay’s (which happens to be… ReadPreviousNext Post


Are your pals tuning you out? How to get loved ones to go green

April 19, 2012

Ever tried to persuade your boyfriend/wife/roommate/parents/children/colleagues/friends to stop using a product you think is toxic but they just don’t seem to listen? Last thing you want to do is get all preachy. Check out my latest Ecoholic column in NOW with tips on encouraging those around you try more natural products this Earth Day/Month. My mom will tell you… ReadPreviousNext Post